Tarmac’s Broken Dream. The Story of Svarog.

Although this is not Bloodhound, the same sort of software used to design that particular bid was also being used on Svarog. This was a very exciting project to be involved in.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book. Just so you have a vague idea of what is in it. Which is how I started, strangely enough.T&CMixLogo

Originally this was to be an account of an attempt on the Outright British Motorcycle Land Speed Record. Sometimes life has a way of veering off course and dropping the unwary into unpleasantness. Don’t buy this book if that is all you want. Do buy it if you want to know what is available in the realm of technology for fast bikes. If science fascinates you, if you find secrets intriguing and if you want something just that little bit different. If you would like to know what makes the difference between making the grade and just missing it by a beard hair. Or if you think your brain/mind is infallible. This is about the real story of commitment, of brotherhood and pressure that can break a tough man down to his core. It is about the highs and lows of going for such a title as Fastest Man On Two Wheels. It is about ground breaking technology, top secret aircraft design, late nights, early mornings and making buildings shake. It is about dedication and how sometimes no matter what you do success is always just over the wall. It’s about frustration, ill health, negative circumstances and all in all a bloody long struggle. It’s also about camaraderie, fun, adventure and what the future might hold. It is about a life of gambles and swinging from trees. Well, maybe not that. But definitely about success and failure. If you have ever experienced either there is something in here for you. And if you think what happened here couldn’t happen to you then think again. If you have a fascination or even just a passing interest in speed you will find something in these pages of use or interest. There is definitely something to learn. Some of the photo’s that didn’t make it in the book. I found most of these while searching for LSR information. Roland Sands Victory. I don’t know which record or whether he got it But this is the bike he built to have a go. Since he started in racing before building bikes I guess he may have taken a record. He has many racing records to his name. 11-22-Roland-Sands-5-300x199 I found this superb Art Deco styled Rhinebeck racer. It’s bound to have some aerodynamic capabilities.


Svarog before all the extra nose fairing and tailfin are addedSvarog pre start Nose cone before fittting in the Filton Low Speed Wind Tunnel. (Low speed means up to 300 MPH.)

wind tunnel 071

Paul gets kitted up with a fall arrest sytem. This was just in case he decided not to become part of the ‘shit that hits the fan’ and stay on the bike. A wind over 100 mph could lift a fully grown man. wind tunnel 006 View from the farthest part of the wind tunnel that I could get to without taking things apart. They frown on taking things apart in the air tunnel. wind tunnel 150

And here, one of the things they usually take readings on. It’s about six feet long and looks too heavy to fly. air day 023copyright 1 The un-copyrighted copyright symbol. You can copy it, right?

You can copy this and blow it up if you need ideas of what to do to thin your loom.
You can copy this and blow it up if you need ideas of what to do to thin your loom.

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